25, 30 HP 1986-1991 Gearcase Diagram for Yamaha Outboard Motors

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Figure #


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1Housing, Gearcase-689-45311-04-EK31
2Plug, Drain & Vent-90340-08M04-003
3Gasket, Plug-90430-08020-003
4Bracket, Shift Shaft-689-44176-01-001
5Screw, Bracket-97780-50610-001
6Shift Cam Assembly (short shaft)-664-44150-01-001
6Shift Cam Assembly (long shaft)-664-44150-11-001
7Boot, Shift Rod-664-44147-00-001
8Housing, Water Pump-689-44311-03-001
9Bolt, Pump Housing-90101-06M56-003
10Washer, Housing (short shaft)-90209-06M04-003
11Extension, Housing (long shaft)-689-44312-00-5B1
12Bolt, Extension (long shaft)-97080-06035-003
13Washer, Bolt (long shaft)-92990-06600-003
14Insert Cup-689-W4432-02-00.1
15Impeller Plate-689-44323-03-001
16Gasket, Impeller Plate-689-44324-A0-001
17Impeller18-3067 689-44352-02-001
18Base, Water Pump-689-44325-02-5B1
19O-Ring, Pump Base18-7405(1)93210-40M10-001
20Oil Seal, Pump Base18-0296(1) 93101-22067-002
21Gasket, Base18-0773(1)689-44316-A0-001
22Drive Shaft (short)-689-45501-00-001
22Drive Shaft (long)-689-45501-10-001
23Key, Impeller-664-44338-00-001
24Bearing, Pinion-93315-017U4-001
25Sleeve, Drive Shaft-689-45536-00-001
26Shim Pinion Gear (0.5mm)-664-45587-00-05AR(2)
26Shim Pinion Gear (0.8mm)-664-45587-00-08AR(2)
26Shim Pinion Gear (0.12mm)-664-45587-01-12AR
26Shim Pinion Gear (0.30mm)-664-45587-01-30AR(2)
26Shim Pinion Gear (0.50mm)-664-45587-01-50AR(2)
27Bearing, Drive Shaft-93332-000U4-001
28Bearing, Thrust-664-45552-09-001
29Gear, Pinion-689-45551-00-001
30Nut, Pinion-90179-09M02-001
31Shim Forward Gear (0.5mm)-664-45567-00-05AR(2)
31Shim Forward Gear (0.8mm)-664-45567-00-08AR(2)
31Shim Forward Gear (0.12mm)-664-45567-01-12AR(2)
31Shim Forward Gear (0.30mm)-664-45567-01-30AR(2)
31Shim Forward Gear (0.50mm)-664-45567-01-50AR(2)
32Bearing, Forward Gear-93332-00005-001
33Gear, Forward-689-45560-00-001
34Spring, Compression-90501-10065-001
35Slide, Shift-648-45634-00-001
36Clutch, Dog-664-45631-01-001
37Pin, Clutch Dog-90250-05010-001
38Ring, Cross Pin-648-45633-00-001
39Plunger, Shift-648-45635-00-001
40Thrust, Washer, Prop Shaft-90201-20417-001
41Shaft, Propeller-689-45611-00-001
42Gear, Reverse-689-45571-00-001
43Bearing Carrier-689-45331-01-941
44Bearing, Reverse Gear-93306-00612-001
45Shim Reverse Gear (0.5mm)-664-45577-00-05AR(2)
45Shim Reverse Gear (0.8mm)-664-45577-00-08AR(2)
45Shim Reverse Gear (0.12mm)-664-45577-01-12AR(2)
45Shim Reverse Gear (0.30mm)-664-45577-01-30AR(2)
45Shim Reverse Gear (0.50mm)-664-45577-01-50AR(2)
46Washer, Thrust-664-45576-00-001
47O-Ring, Bearing Carrier-93210-30MA3-001
48Bearing, Prop Shaft-93315-22004-001
49Seal, Prop Shaft18-0554(1) 93101-20M07-002
50Tab Washer-90214-45M02-001
51Nut, Cover-664-45384-00-001
52Key, Bearing Carrier-90282-04010-001
53Bolt, Gearcase Mounting-90105-10059-002
54Washer, Gearcase Mounting-92990-10600-004
55Pin, Dowel-93606-12019-002
56Aluminum Trim Tab18-6096A664-45371-01-001
56Magnesium Trim Tab18-6113-1
57Bolt, Trim Tab-90105-08M02-001
58Cover, Water Inlet (port)-689-45214-01-001
59Cover, Water Inlet (stbd)-689-45215-01-001
60Screw, Inlet Cover-98780-05525-001
61Nut, Nylock-90185-05904-001
62Water Tube (short shaft)-664-44361-00-001
62Water Tube (long shaft)-689-44361-10-001
63Seal, Upper Water Tube(1)689-44366-00-001
64Seal, Lower Water Tube-626-44365-01-001
66Extension Tube (long shaft)-689-44362-00-941
67O-Ring, Extension Tube (long shaft)-93210-26240-002
68Plate (long shaft)-689-44328-03-001
69Prop Spacer (fore)-664-45987-01-001
70Prop Spacer (aft)-689-45997-00-001
71Washer, Prop Mounting-92990-14200-001
72Nut, Propeller-90171-14013-001
73Cotter Pin18-2380 91490-30030-001
74Gear Housing Seal Kit18-2785 689-W0001-22-001

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(1) : Contents of Gear Housing Seal Kit 18-2785
(2) : AR As required
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18-3067 Impeller - Dia. 2 1/4",Dpth. 1/2" - 6 Fins - Neoprene - Ding
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Your Price: $31.33

  • fits: 25 HP

Plastic Insert - Shaft Dia. 1/2"

Seals and Seal Kits for Yamaha Outboard Motors-18-0296 Oil Seal
View Larger Photo.

18-0296 Oil Seal
Part # 18-0296
Your Price: $7.62

  • fits: Dimensions-mm: 23 I.D., 36.25 O.D., 6 Width

Seals and Seal Kits for Yamaha Outboard Motors-18-0554 Oil Seal
View Larger Photo.

18-0554 Oil Seal
Part # 18-0554
Your Price: $11.49

  • fits: Dimensions-mm: 21.5 I.D., 34 O.D., 6.25 Width

18-6096 Anode for Yamaha Outboard Motors
View Larger Photo.

Your Price: $14.94

  • For: 20-50 HP

18-2380 Cotter Pins for Yamaha Outboard Motors
View Larger Photo.

Your Price: $31.70

  • replaces: Yamaha 91490-30030

18-2785 Lower Unit Seal Kit
View Larger Photo.

Your Price: $60.62

  • replaces: Mercury Marine 27-41899M
  • replaces: Yamaha 689-W0001-C1-00
  • replaces: Yamaha 689-W0001-21-00

25 HP (1986-1987)
C25 HP (1990-1991)
C30 HP (1989-1991)
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